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Buy the SCHTICKFAS Award-Winning comic book!

Thursday, July 19th, 2007

My first foray into the comic book / independent press world has met with wild success!

My first comic, Ultimate Rogues Gallery Heroes Reborn Origin (Disassembled), won the grand prize at a recently sponsored Rogues Gallery independent comic book contest, and is available for purchase from Rogues Gallery in Round Rock, Texas. (And yes, the book’s a parody.)

Cover for “Ultimate Rogues Gallery Heroes Reborn Origin (Disassembled)”

You can pick up issue #1 for the unbelievable price of $1 — one freakin’ dollar.

If they run out, let the fine folks at Rogues know you want a copy. They’ll let me know, I’ll get more there. Everyone will be happy.

And if you’re interested in a CD-ROM “Director’s Cut” version, tell them. Or tell me (you’ll need to work around my mad SPAM-foiling skilz). It will sell for (*gasp*) …. $3! Three. Bucks.

The “Director’s Cut” (If there’s enough demand) will include

  • Comic book
  • Original script
  • Original storyboards
  • Creator commentary

Again, I’m only creating the “Director’s Cut” version if there’s enough demand — so let the people’s voice ring out!

And buy lots of stuff from Rogues Gallery. Those guys rock. And I need more addicts with whom to commiserate.

NOTE: Even though the titles are $1 and (tentatively) $3, I am accepting donations to help offset the cost. I’m losing money on both. Thanks …

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