Done with the SCHTICKFAS comic book …

Just a quick update on my previous “SCHTICKFAS (non-continuity)” post.

First, to recap the various efforts delaying the next episode of SCHTICKFAS:

  1. Comic Book — Comic books formed a big chunk of and continue to inspire my creativity, and I’ve got a lifelong dream to create one. So, now that a contest from my local comic book store has come up to do just that, I’m all over it. And many, many STIKFAS will be involved. And many heroes will die. And be Reborn. And other comic book tropes. (Due June 1st.)
  2. Radio Promotion — This is a contest to promote a local radio station and Austin in general. I had no interest in this until I was awoken by a unique stop-mo deal. Now I’m on it. (Due June 7th.)
  3. John Woo — Hey, it’s YAC (Yet Another Contest). I wrote about it here. (June 25th.)

(Did I seriously type “awoken”?)

I finished #1 (the comic book) in a near photo-finish before last night’s midnight deadline. I plan on posting a digital version here, after judging is completed. And Insider members will get an early look at the comic book, and access to a “making of” version that includes the storyboards, script, and creator’s commentary.

Unfortunately, I had several unexpected things go south on the effort (not least of which was the use of new, abysmally poor software), so most of my week was taken up with the comic book effort.

Because of the setbacks, #2 (the radio promotion contest) might not get done before I need to head out of town for a while. Which is a bummer, because I’m pretty confident in my idea, and have done quite a bit of pre-work.

Ah well. There’s still the John Woo contest …

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