John Woo test footage

Check out my test footage above for the “Be True to John Woo Film contest.

Remember, this is just test footage — the down-and-dirty first run I do as I’m blocking out the animations I want to create. So, no flicker reduction, frame averaging, or onion skinning (to reduce the “skating” effect that plagues a lot of stop-mo efforts).

Again, “computer problems” nixed my participation in the project, but take these two pieces of test footage as a taste of the awesomeness that might have been, but was not meant to be.

The entire piece is called “Fourth Wall”, and was planned as a tongue-in-cheek “explanation” of John Woo film tropes.

For the “Intro” clip, I was playing with stop- / slow- / fast-motion and freeze frame, with some Roadrunner-esque text inclusions to introduce the main two characters.

Clip 2 (”Why doves are never harmed”) plays on Mr. Woo’s inclusion of white doves in his films. These doves sometimes fly though a hail of bullets, but are never harmed. This clip was intended to be near the end of the film, just after the “Triad / Chinese Mafia / Gang Member / Disgruntled Martial Arts Instructor (or equivalent’s)” bullets go astray, and actually do hurt a dove.

As far as music, “This is just a tribute” is from Tenacious D’s song, “Tribute”, and hopefully in its less-than-30-seconds, non-commercial use, will not get me sued. But if that let’s me meet Jack Black and say “thanks for the inspiration”, I might actually be willing to hazard that.

The orchestral work is the official score from the upcoming John Woo / Midway game, Stranglehold, provided for contest use. I’ll try to update this with the official composer credit when I can track it down.

Thoughts? Comments? Dove jokes?

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