“SCHTICKFAS” Teaser Trailer

This is the teaser trailer for SCHTICKFAS, a stop-motion animation project from the mind and mouth of Adam Creighton (me).

The idea for SCHTICKFAS has been incubating for some time. The idea started as early as 2002, when Hasbro first licensed the Stikfas toys, and distributed them worldwide.

In 2004, well into my voice acting career, I started playing with various ways to get my voice “out there”. Initially, this was in-house fan dubbing of anime and action cartoons for ADR practice. It also included me taking picts of comic book panels, and voicing the various characters and narration (this later turned into VO for frivolous 2D stop-motion animation, a la Marvel’s Ani-Studio, results of which can be seen on my YouTube page.

In 2005, besides acting, I did a lot of writing — roughly 8 screenplays of various completeness. That took away from SCHTICKFAS, but probably in an OK way.

Then, in early 2006, I ran across some notes of mine (from 2002) about doing stop-motion animation with Stikfas. I got serious about the idea, started evaluating stop-motion animation software, and researching the nuts and bolts of traditional animation, stop-motion animation, framing, editing, storyboarding, and the like. I also did a ton of pre-production — defining initial characters, doing character design, writing episodes, recording test voices, buying a camera, and the like.

In late 2006, as part of an incredible creative one-two punch in the form of a “Leadership and Creativity” weekend workshop with Dan Fauci and a six-week, early (freaking early) a.m. weekly “Samurai” meeting (also created by Dan, and led by mentee and one of my film coaches, Van Brooks), I was motivated to get my act together and find out exactly where I was in this whole creative endeavor.

So I pulled together the series bible. Turns out I had a boatload of stuff, including twenty-three written episodes, a bunch of interstitials (including a holiday piece that will be either brilliant or blasphemous; we’ll see), all of the character designs, the technical and distribution details, and so on. As part of the exercise, I also wrote out five additional episodes (or four and another interstitial), and storyboarded 2.

So, really, I’d run out of excuses.

SCHTICKFAS is a labor of love. So, like most labors of love, it can be interrupted as life keeps happening. But, also like most labors of love, since I’m truly in love with it, I want to see it see the light of day.

And so here we are. A bit crude (don’t worry, it’s going to get cruder; I’m looking to define “mid-brow”), but it — and I’m — out there. And there’s more to come.

What’s the goal?

Honestly, it started out as a creative vehicle to keep myself working when Biz work was slow, and as a way to keep my voice out there in new and creative ways (additional marketing, as it were).

The goal’s changed a bit, as folks have expressed a lot of interested in this project. So now it’s a little more community oriented. While I still do intend to have creative control (and do all the voices, though I may have guests for female voices), I’m hoping this can become a platform for folks who want to contribute background / scene art, props, custom models, original music and sound effects, and the like.

I want this to become a virtual venue for the creative community.

Mheh. Sounds lofty. Maybe it’ll happen. Maybe not. But at least you’ll have this series. At the very least, you’ll have this trailer.

And though rooted in Stikfas, it won’t be limited to Stikfas; stay tuned.

Technical Details:

General notes: As an aside, this trailer was done without any stop-motion animation software. My computer is flaky as all get out, and keeps rebooting with any USB-related activity, so I couldn’t use stop-mo software to drive my camera. So I did all of this absent the frame averaging, flicker reducing, onion skinning benefits of the software. Rather than use that as an excuse to not do the trailer, I did a workaround and got the thing done.

Camera: Canon PowerShot A620

Image Software: Adobe PhotoShop Elements

Video Software: Roxio VideoWave (to create AVIs from the still frames) Adobe Premiere Elements (to do the final edit; Elements failed to render if I tried to use it to create videos from the still frames)

Audio Software: Goldwave and Roxio Sound Editor

Microphone: MXL-990

Preamp: M-Audio MobilePre USB

2 Responses to ““SCHTICKFAS” Teaser Trailer”

  1. Errol Says:

    You did it without the use of stop-motion software? Oh dear, that sounds painful.

    I enjoyed blogging about my stop motion film, it’s very cathartic. Especially after hours of doing some stop motion filming.

    Good luck! Hope you get it done! :)

  2. Dee Says:

    Go Adam go!! It’s clear that your talent is going to carry you on this project. Based on the trailer, I’m excited to find out what comes next. If you have a script / outline for the first scene / episode let me know as I’d love to contribute a background if you’re interested.

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