Soon, I’m going to be launching “SCHTICKFAS Insider”.

Specially designated (and password-protected) posts will give SCHTICKFAS supporters and contributors behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming episodes of the SCHTICKFAS community project.

Following on from my inaugral trailer post:

“…now it’s a little more community oriented. While I still do intend to have creative control (and do all the voices, though I may have guests for female voices), I’m hoping this can become a platform for folks who want to contribute background / scene art, props, custom models, original music and sound effects, and the like.”

I want this to become a virtual venue for the creative community.

I’ve already had folks express an interest in providing assets for upcoming episodes.

So, the purpose of “SCHTICKFAS Insider” is two-fold:

  1. Give folks insight into the stop-motion animation story-telling process (or at least my version of it)
  2. Provide a heads-up to folks who want to provide assets for upcoming episodes

And it’s insider info. So don’t share with other people. Main SCHTICKFAS readers will get the content eventually, too, but you folks get it first. (And pings are trackbacks will be turned off for these kinds of posts.)

Obviously, “Insider”-designated posts will likely include spoilers for upcoming episodes. You have been warned …

Want in? Send me a note and ask me.

And please understand, not everyone will get “in”. It’s not meant to be elitist, but I do want to restrict membership to folks who are helping me make this effort successful for me and the community.

More cool stuff coming …

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