SCHTICKFAS is a creative community stop-motion animated series from the mind and mouth of Adam Creighton, a voice and film actor.

Adam Creighton

Adam Creighton is a professional voice and film actor who spends most of his time in Austin, Texas, with frequent visits to the West and East Coasts.

He’s also an avid video gamer, stop-motion animator, outdoorsman, co-owns a game development studio, project manager, cartoon & comic book junkie, toy collector, guitarist and dog & llama wrangler. At least.


STIKFAS are the incredible, simple-yet-versatile toys created by Stikfas Pte Ltd.

SCHTICKFAS is not associated with Stikfas Pte Ltd.

The Alpha Male Figure used in the SCHTICKFAS logo is property of Stikfas Pte Ltd. Singapore. All Rights Reserved. ™ and © Stikfas Pte Ltd. Used by permission.

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